A Visit to Dorfmuseum Mönchhof

Royal HungarianWalking through the little village museum, I felt transported in time.
While traveling through the lush green vineyards of Burgenland, we visited a local museum that portrayed what a small village would have looked like at the time my ancestors were there. It showcased artifacts and histories of the local people as if we had stumbled through a wardrobe into a distant but familiar place and time.
Every home and shop lay nestled within a connected square. The shops sprinkled throughout the settlement included a paint shop, dairy shop, barrel maker’s shop, and even a small theatre.
The schoolhouse felt small but bright. It contained an abacus, alphabet board, and quaint pictures of fairytales. Butterflies from the local countryside had been preserved to study with the children.
So much is different, yet so much is the same. In an ever changing world, we are both the students and the teachers. We have made tremendous strides forward, and yet we can still look to the past and learn from their beauty and wisdom. It’s all a part of our story.

What is one of your favorite museums you’ve ever been to? Was there an idea or an artifact that impacted you? Tell me in the comments below.

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