The journey to discovering your ancestry is one of joy and wonder.
 We hope to add heart to this journey, to fill you with love and inspiration as you explore
the regions your kindred called home. We want to help you discover your heritage in meaningful
 ways, to explore the traditions and cultures that color the fabric of your family tree, and to
 weave those narratives into your own story--the one you write every day.


begin your journey

Whether you come to us from Mozambique or Miami, speaking Spanish, Swahili, or Samoan,
 when we trace our family lines back far enough, we are all connected. We belong to one big family.
And at Kindred Lands, we are all about family. So welcome!
 We are so glad you found your way here.


We hope in so doing, you feel you’ve found

“We all carry inside us people who came before us.”  



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