Magical Shoes

Royal Hungarian✨👠
In folklore, shoes often symbolize transformation. From glass or ruby slippers to boots or a pair of flea skin shoes, the true magic is not found in the materials, but in the inner journey of the wearer.
In the early 1900s, many Western Europeans wore shoes with soles held together by tiny wooden pegs like these in the photo. Their shoes carried them through their day to day activities. They carried my second-great-grandmother Maria and thousands of others across the ocean to a new world.
When Andy and I were first married, we made a honeymoon pilgrimage through France, Italy, Israel, and Jordan. I wore a simple pair of soft leather ballet flats through the entire trip. Those shoes traipsed across cobblestone streets and desert sand. They stood in palaces and cathedrals. Most importantly, they carried me on a journey that forged an anchoring bond in Andy’s and my relationship, and opened a world of discovery and possibility.
What shoes are you wearing right now?! Tell me about the shoes you have owned and where they have taken you in the comments below.

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