Gratitude for Dreams Fulfilled

Royal HungarianEverything we now enjoy began as a hope or wish.
It nourishes the soul to pause and reflect on the beauty that currently exists in our life. Consider the things you once dreamed about, planned for, and sacrificed to have, that you now enjoy– a relationship, educational accolades, meaningful life experiences, travel, having learned an instrument or language.

Gratitude is slowing down to thank and savor before we set our sights on a new desire. Gratitude helps us remember that we have enough and that we are enough. It is the practice of seeing that life is good.
I used to feel a lot of heartache in relation to my family, but we have evolved and come closer together. I’m grateful for my parents and relatives. I used to daydream about who my “true love” would be, and wondered for so long when and where I’d find him. I’m grateful for my best friend and husband, Andy. I felt hopeless and struggled to take care of myself because of mental illness. I’m grateful to be well, for skills, nutrition, and support that help me to be open and engaged with people and with life. I have always dreamed of traveling the world. I’m grateful for time and other resources that have opened those doors to me.
What fills your heart with gratitude?
Tell me in the comments below.

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