Say Yes to Adventure

Royal Hungarian

Just when I thought our adventure was winding down, we unveiled one of the most enchanting villages in Western Europe.
The sun melted like butter into the horizon on the second to last day of our journey. We collapsed in satisfaction on the couch of our Austrian Airbnb. We had documented more than 15,000 pages of family history records that previously only existed in the aging books of a few small parishes. That’s when Andy suggested that we make one final stretch to the village of Hallstatt.
I was content with the good fortune of our trip, but also wanted to support Andy’s desires. I weighed the idea in my mind. It would be at least another €200, and a long train ride there and back, the day before a 14 hour flight to Taiwan. We would have to wake up early and would only have a few hours in the village. I weighed the idea in my heart. Andy wanted it. He said it would be a photographer’s dream, and that we wouldn’t regret it.
So, we went.
With misty emerald green mountains, and trails of sparkling deep blue water, it was as magical as taking the train to Hogwarts. We arrived at a tiny, picturesque train station, and boated across the lake to the fairytale village. We discovered “Heaven cream”, freshly baked schaumrollen, with rich, silky cream, lighter than air. We took our own little boat on the lake, sharing laughter and peaceful moments of reflection. Finally, we ascended the mountain to one of the oldest salt mines in the world. We ran all the way, and just missed the final tour, one of many reasons to return.
More than a just a memory, the experience fueled the flame of our relationship. It was a practice of saying yes, to each other and to adventure. Sometimes we need rest, but often, we set aside moments and experiences because they require extra effort or energy. The magic is found in the stretch.

Who or what are you going to say yes to this week, month, or year? I’d love to hear.
Tell me in the comments below.

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